Mechatronic companies within the hub

AlmavivA SpA

AlmavivA is synonymous with technological innovation. Consolidated experiences, unique skills, continuous research and accurate knowledge of the various market sectors, both public and private, make it the leading Italian Group in Information & Communication Technology.

With 42,000 people, 10,000 in Italy and 32,000 abroad, AlmavivA is the 5th Italian private group by number of employees in the world, with a turnover in 2017 of 772 million...

Audaces Europe srl

The company develops intelligent systems and equipment that integrate automation processes, easy to learn and use. A set of tools that maximizes productivity and optimizes production. Operating in more than 70 worldwide markets, Audaces' applications are used in the following sectors: fashion, composites, furniture, footwear, marine, automotive and aerospace...

Bermat srl

Bermat is a manufacturer of two-seater sports cars for track and road that can be fully customized online, able to meet the needs of those who want a car tailored to their needs. The team is made up of people with engineering, management and commercial skills, able to provide quick and effective answers. The founder is Matteo Bertezzolo, a lawyer who in 2015 decided to turn his passion into a job.

BM Group Polytec SpA

BM Group Polytec is the main operating company of BM Group Holding, an Italian industrial group that unites companies with different specializations, able to provide innovative solutions in industrial automation, robotics, intralogistics, EPC and green investments.

Comcor Development

Comcor Development ltd. is a 3D mechanical design studio that works most in the following sectors: Automotive, Agriculture, Automation Industries, Car Makers, Light Vehicles, Trucks, Offshore, Suppliers, Motorcycles. 
The professional team, using 3D...