The network between enterprises and research centres that promotes technology transfer

The Trentino research system relies on a wide range of actors, involved in various ways in the development of innovative projects, including also the mechatronics sector. 

Within Polo Meccatronica, public and private research centres work alongside businesses in order to turn the new technologies they discover into concrete solutions and applications. 

OUR PROPOSAL: from collaborative research to regional, national and EU funding 

Polo Meccatronica promotes the creation of networks between the research centres operating in the region. 

The project aims to enhance the technology transfer through specific actions. It encourages collaborative research and stimulates the attraction of regional, national and EU funding. It also promotes the creation of synergies between enterprises and expertise in the key - sectors (automotive, ICT, smart systems and robotics, sensors, fluids, pneumatics and motion control) through the support of specific scouting and technology brokering services offered by Trentino Sviluppo in cooperation with Bruno Kessler Foundation and the Division for Innovation of Confindustria Trento

Many corporations (Aermec, Bonfiglioli, Dana, Ducati, Watts Water Technologies, Carl Zeiss) have already opened their own research centres within Polo Meccatronica.