2022   The Training Hub
The main building of Polo Meccatronica will host the new headquarters of the “G. Marconi” Technology Institute and the “G. Veronesi” Vocational Training Centre, counting for a total of approximately 1,200 students. Situated alongside businesses and the world of work, schools will have production laboratories and dedicated learning islands, with cutting-edge multimedia tools.

2018   Increasing production space
New buildings for a total of 6000 square meters will be built at Polo Meccatronica, so as to meet the space requirements of both the companies present and those of new arrivals.

2016   Work starts on the laboratories
Occupying an area of about 1200 square meters, they will be equipped with innovative machines for rapid prototyping and the three-dimensional printing, including with the use of sintered metal alloys. Spaces will be available to companies for specific research projects.

2013   The new production building
On 12 December, after only 389 days of work, the new production building is inaugurated. Built with the latest construction techniques with low environmental impact and high efficiency (LEED, ARCA), it includes important companies and research centres but also dynamic start-ups and a high level of innovation.

2011   From Tecnology hub to Polo Meccatronica
The start of the project that transforms the Technology Hub in Rovereto into the new Polo Meccatronica, where business, research and education meet in service of all Trentino.

2003   The new service centre
Along the side overlooking Via Zeni, a new building is completed, designed to house services and laboratories essential to the life of the Technology Hub of Rovereto. It hosts, among other things, the headquarters of the Development Agency which later became Trentino Sviluppo.

1983   Reconversion: The region’s first BIC is born
The Autonomous Province of Trento buys the entire sector and initiates a conversion project that transformed the original buildings into the Business Innovation Centre: the warehouses become a “business incubator” with modular production spaces and services to support the launch of new business initiatives.

1925   The origins: the Pirelli cotton mill
The first production plant dates back to 1925. It was a cotton mill used by Pirelli until 1982 to produce cotton yarn with which to make the material for the manufacture of electrical cables and tyres.