In Rovereto new vocational training courses for Digital Manufacturing Designers

16 Jan 2017

In order to approach the 4.0 Industry revolution, new professionals, like Digital Manufacturing Designers, are needed. 

A Digital Manufactur Designer mixes his/her creativity with design and engineering skills in the mechanic, automotive and business services fields. This new vocational training course was born thanks to the cooperation of different representatives of the business community and regional institutions: Nord Est Foundation, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trentino Sviluppo, Polo Meccatronica, Association of Trento Industries, Association of Bologna Industries, Chamber of Craftsmen and SMEs of Trento, Umana Agency, University of Milano (Politecnico), CFP Veronesi, Fontana and Don Milani High School, leading companies in the field of innovation (Hsl, 3DW, Metalsistem, La Sportiva, Salvadori, Motorilab) and the Mart Museum of Rovereto. 

The teaching plan of this new course will give a targeted education in the product virtual designing, in the use of new technologies in order to connect items, networks and people and in the creation of prototypes for the feasibility studies of the companies activities (planning and accounting). The perspective of Polo Meccatronica is to create a stronger bond between the schools which teach the same subjects, as well as to enhance the sinergies among the education, research and enterprises fields. With this in mind, the hub's project is to build a wide school area, where students can use high-tech laboratories. 

The new vocational training course was recently launched by Roberto Verganti from the Politecnico di Milano, Stefano Micelli, scientific manager of Nord Est Foundation, Carlo Ratti, MIT professor, Francesco Profumo, Ceo of FBK and Livia Ferrario, Director General for Knowledge Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento.