Operating within Polo Meccatronica means having access to the high-profile services offered by Trentino Sviluppo: business support in the areas of product and market development, assistance with technology transfer and protection of intellectual property, and with export and search for international partnerships. 

Finservice Group

This consultancy, counting on a team of 180 experts, is specialized in benefits and facilities at regional, national and EU level. More than 7,000 companies approached this Group to promote their businesses through non refundable loans, tax breaks and excise duty exemptions. 

InnovUp - Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem

InnovUp - Italian Innovation & Startup Ecosystem, born from the merge of Italia Startup and APSTI, is the association that represents the Italian ecosystem of innovation and that connects startups, scaleups, innovative SMEs, innovation centers, science and technology parks, incubators, accelerators, enablers, investors, professional firms and corporates. InnovUp works to unite and foster the Italian innovative entrepreneurship system, focusing on 4 main areas of activity: lobbying, knowledge, business, networking.


Lalà is a video production outlet specialised in multimedia storytellingIts offices are located in Milan and Rovereto. It publishes content designed both for TV and the Internet and it develops communication and advertising concepts for enterprises of all sizes. Lalà offers services that cover all the possible needs of its customers: from an assessment of the brief, product, and target to the development of creative concepts and their packaging. Furthermore, it is an innovative start-up company that devotes part of its activities to the study and research of new communication languages.

Polo Meccatronica is part of the Italian platform, which allows potential investors and enterprises to find start-up companies in which to invest by providing them with all the information needed to transparently evaluate them. The choice to join this partnership has to do with the wide network of this group: 4,700 potential investors with a total estimated investment capacity of more than 100 million euros and 10 million of interest displays already shown. There are several success stories that can be quoted. SiamoSoci brings together resources and projects through individual campaigns and vertical clubs in order to generate value, employment and entrepreneurship.


Spinnvest provides tutoring and support to the initiatives of spin-off and start-up companies that have entrepreneurial projects in the fields of clean tech, biotech, and health care, offering both financial services and management support. The company searches for enterprises working in the clean tech sector which could be interested in making investments and puts them in touch with the SMEs headquartered in Polo Meccatronica. Spinnvest is also involved in mentorship and basic training activities for recently-established enterprises, such as:

  • team building

  • market research

  • business prototyping

  • business model

  • go-to market strategy

  • action plan

  • investor relations.