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Corpo L, via Fortunato Zeni 8, Rovereto
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Design and construction of industrial machinery

RK srl

Who is RK?

RK is a team of people, a team of specialists who have a passion for mechanics and industrial machines.

The owner wanted to bring together the brightest and most talented people he knew and met on his way to form a team of talents to make available to companies.

Today RK is a technological partner for companies, a partner capable of analyzing industrial processes, identifying the strengths and things to be improved and proposing the best technologies to improve production

Who are the customers?

Customers are all medium-sized industrial production companies that need automation for market needs (labor costs) or process (without technology a product can not be made).

We range from 360 °, from automotive to food, from large furniture companies to mechanical companies, there are no limits.

In the team there are technicians with more than 20 years of experience gained in very different fields. This is the strength of the company, being able to bring experiences of many sectors in solving the specific problem.

Do they make specific machines?

RK was founded with the aim of building machines with dedicated solutions, machines capable of satisfying the need to improve production performance.

They make the machines needed to solve the specific need whatever it is:

• Assembly machines;

• Control machines;

• Machines for handling and moving;

• Machines for working;

• Packaging machines;

• R & D machines.

They arrive as far as technology and the advantage in the specific process allow it.

What do customers appreciate?

The RK service was founded on fundamental pillars:

• Technical capacity and innovation: customers appreciate the ability to see beyond the solutions already adopted;

• Customer involvement during all phases: conception, design, construction and testing of the machine;

• Assistance and immediate presence in the after-sales service.