Mechatronic companies within the hub

AlmavivA SpA

AlmavivA is synonymous with technological innovation. Consolidated experiences, unique skills, continuous research and accurate knowledge of the various market sectors, both public and private, make it the leading Italian Group in Information & Communication Technology.

With 42,000 people, 10,000 in Italy and 32,000 abroad, AlmavivA is the 5th Italian private group by number of employees in the world, with a turnover in 2017 of 772 million...

Audaces Europe srl

The company develops intelligent systems and equipment that integrate automation processes, easy to learn and use. A set of tools that maximizes productivity and optimizes production. Operating in more than 70 worldwide markets, Audaces' applications are used in the following sectors: fashion, composites, furniture, footwear, marine, automotive and aerospace...

Baku di Federico Citroni

Develops an innovative non-invasive device to stop snoring.

Bini Clima srl

For nearly a century Bini Clima has been designing, producing and commercializing ventilation and air conditioning systems for civil and industrial use. These products are available for banks, hospitals, public buildings, airports, universities, companies and hotels located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This company has an annual turnover of over 10 billion euro. 


Bonfiglioli BMR

Bonfiglioli operates through four different Business Areas: Industrial (incorporating our mechatronics and power transmission divisions), Photovoltaic (which also develops regenerative solutions), Wind and...