This section is dedicated to companies, operating within this hub, which chose to continue their growth elsewhere, but are still interacting with the cluster.

Bini Clima srl

For nearly a century Bini Clima has been designing, producing and commercializing ventilation and air conditioning systems for civil and industrial use. These products are available for banks, hospitals, public buildings, airports, universities, companies and hotels located in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. This company has an annual turnover of over 10 billion euro. 



It was formed to develop, manufacture and market a flexible range of Open Building Automation based on the IoT (Internet of Things technology systems). 

They address all those companies that are having to make entire production lines and factories smart, with the vision of Industry 4.0, and who are not yet ready to renew the...


CyberFed is a European start-up, producing extremely innovative professional applications for drones. Taking a cue from the cybernetic theory of self-regulation and machines transmission of information, the company aims to help private and public enterprises to increase their productivity and security, reduce the costs and pollution and...

Elettronica Agis

Elettronica Agis is an IT company. It cooperates with Bruno Kessler Foundation in order to develop a monitoring system for renewable energies storage and mainstreaming.


HWA srl

The business idea of ​​HWA is to seize the market opportunities derived from the widespread demand for electronics and intelligent computer systems able to realize functions in the field of the Internet of Things and automatic systems. The vision is to make available to any type of user electronics, information technology and automation as far as they are allowed. The company's team has years of experience and know-how acquired...