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Piazza Manifattura 1, Rovereto; Via Vittorio Veneto 54B, Roma
+39 06 86357187


Ricerca & Sviluppo sistemi tecnologici olfattivi


The company deals with R&D of olfactory technological systems and functional fragrances. In particular he is working on:

  • The research and development of Olfactory Systems (SO) for the diffusion of fragrances;

  • The research and development of biological and biotech functional fragrances (FF) developed for the intended purposes provided by the SO.

The Olfactory System is directly connected both with the hippocampus, the seat of the brain structure that manages memory, and with the amygdala and the limbic system, the seats of the brain structure that govern emotions. From the pioneering studies of 50 years ago to the most recent neural coding, brain stimulation and neural computation studies, there is a significant evolution of the knowledge and applicability of the olfactory system.
To date, the Olfactory System is the least solicited despite being the only one that has these features, it can also be used as a conductor to obtain certain effects that can promote a better quality of life and social relationships.