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Via Fortunato Zeni 8, Corpo C, 38068 Rovereto
+39 320 416 6342


Industrial Automation, Electronic and Mechatronic Engineering, Robotics, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

BM Group

BM GROUP is a Trentino company with over 25 years of experience in the field of Industrial Automation.

Through its Polytec, BM Automation and BM Greenpower brands, it operates internationally as a system integrator specializing in solutions and platforms that, by integrating robotics, artificial vision, deep learning, process automation and data analysis systems, allow manufacturing companies that transformation technology needed to redevelop smart factories.

BM Automation is the Business Unit specialized in the engineering and construction of industrial electrical panels and in the development of software for the control, command, supervision and management of machine and production line data.

Polytec manufactures custom robotized islands with in-house know-how relating to all the skills required: from mechatronic engineering to production, from the engineering of vision systems to assembly and commissioning, providing the customer with a complete package.

In robotics applied to the steel industry, it is a world leader.

BM Greenpower is the Business Unit specialized in the "turnkey" construction of energy plants from renewable sources.